Frimann Business360

We have put business manager Ronni Figgé Poulsen at the head of Frimann Business360. Ronni has in-depth knowledge of the business area… he has many years of experience from the workshop and aftermarket and from his most recent job as sales manager and branch manager for Opel / Frimann Biler.

Contact Ronni at phone +45 5492 4300 or

Frimann Business360
I use my many years of experience from the car industry to put together exactly the vehicle fleet you need… at the lowest price.

Ronnie Figgé Poulsen

We have created Frimann Erhverv360 to meet the needs of busy companies. Ranging from the optimal form of procurement, flexible and fast service visits to simplified fleet administration and low employee taxation.

- My most important task is to make sure that our business customers have exactly the fleet available that they need at all times… and at the same time it must be at the lowest price on the market. I use my many years of experience from all parts of the car industry to screw it together… let me prove it to you, says Ronni F. Poulsen.

Frimann Business360 advantages


  • Total management of car fleets with attractive renewal schemes. One monthly total invoice.
  • Choose between Toyota, Citroën, Hyundai or Opel cars, 4-wheel drive vehicles or vans.
  • Other car brands can be included in the agreement… including your existing cars.
  • Attractive insurance agreement and fuel with discounts can be included.


  • Choose cash purchase or financing at the lowest interest rates on the market.
  • Choose leasing to strengthen liquidity and lock in the monthly costs.
  • Short-term and long-term rentals and day-to-day rentals.


  • Service at our authorized workshops in Maribo and Nykøbing F.… all cars regardless of brand.
  • Service on account or Frimann Service Agreement.
  • Service call via GPS reading of kilometers.
  • Pick-up, delivery or loan car and workshops open on Saturdays.
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