Let us give you an offer on how you can start
saving money on vehicle management.
We also gladly include your current vehicle..

Frimann Business360

We typically cut 15% of your expenses for vehicle management

Your advantages
  • Puchase, leasing, financing, short-term & long-term rental
  • Authorised service in Nykøbing F. and Maribo
  • Day-to-day rental
  • Total management of vehicle fleets
  • Pop-Up office in Rødbyhavn
Frimann Business360

Frimann Business360

Don't spend your time on vehicle management, when we are so much better at it!

We know when and how you need to take action to optimise the price and repair needs. We know how to manage a small as well as a large vehicle fleet simply and efficiently. And of course, we know the rules about depreciation, employee taxation and GDPR.

  • Total management of car fleets with attractive renewal schemes. One monthly total invoice.
  • Choose between Toyota, Citroën, Hyundai, Fiat, Jeep or Opel cars, 4-wheel drive vehicles or vans.
  • Other car brands can be included in the agreement… including your existing cars.
  • Attractive insurance agreement and fuel with discounts can be included.
Frimann Business360

Purchase, lease og rent

You don't need to keep to a specific form of purchase... We recommend the most lucrative from time to time!

For some companies, cash payment would be the right form of purchase. Other companies make use of our low interest rates to achieve competitive financing or they choose leasing in order to lock the monthly costs. 

You choose the form of purchase that matches your business and immediate situation - including short-term or long-term rental if you have a temporary need that must be met.  

  • Choose cash purchase or financing at the market's lowest interest rates
  • Choose leasing to strengthen liquidity and to lock the monthly costs
  • Choose short-term rental and long-term rental if you have a temporary need
  • Say yes to attractive renewal schemes and avoid loss
If you want to simplify and optimise your vehicle management, you can include servicing and insurance and yes, even fuel with discounts. - All these things are part of the agreement we can make, when we start a new collaboration in Frimann Business360. 
Frimann Business360

Individual service

You don't have to choose the one or the other service solution. We simply talk about what you need...
and then, that's what you get!

At our authorized workshops in Nykøbing F. and in Maribo, we service all your vehicles regardless of brand... because an agreement with us will give you options - not limitations.

  • Service as per account rendered or Frimann All Inclusive agreement
  • Service notification via GPS reading og mileage
  • Collection, delivery or loaner vehicle
  • insurance included
  • One monthly overall invoice
  • Fuel with discounts
  • Workshops open on some Saturdays
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